Re: operacja w Syrii

„Assad sends a brigade of T-72 tanks to Homs as reinforcements Wednesday afternoon”

Prosze prosze, czyli wojna na calego. Teraz pewnie okaze sie, ze rebelianci maja rakiety przeciwczolgowe produkcji USA.

„Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 8, Assad sent the 40th Mechanized Brigade of heavy T-72 tanks to Homs for an all-out effort to beat the rebellion, counter the foreign contingents and reinforce the 90th Infantry Brigade commanded by his kinsman, Gen. Zuhair al-Assad, the backbone of the military force battering the city for the past five days at the cost of hundreds of dead.”

„The British-Qatari troop presence in Homs was at the center of Assad’s talks in Damascus Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian SVR intelligence chief Mikhail Fradkov. Senior Syrian intelligence officers laid their updates from the field before the Russian visitors and received SVR data and evaluations in return.”