Raport z BBC – UK’s secret mission to beat Gaddafi


„Last October the Chief of the Qatar Defence Staff revealed that „hundreds” of his troops has been on the ground in Libya.”

– przypominam – sa szacunki, ze w operacji uczestniczylo 5000 zolnierzy z Qatar army, ktorej laczna liczebnosc wynosi okolo 11,800 zolniezy.

„Some people close to the Libyan revolution say that the Qatari chief of defence staff claimed credit for coming up with the strategy of pushing simultaneously towards the Libyan capital from different directions. Certainly, the foreign special forces on the ground played a role in co-ordinating the different columns.”

„it was agreed to allow a limited number of British advisers to take a direct part in training and mentoring NTC units in Libya. Sources say the number of men sent from D Squadron of 22 SAS Regiment was capped at 24. They were performing their mission by late August.

While France and Qatar were ready to provide weapons directly, the UK was not. However, this made little practical difference since the SAS was operating closely with Qatar special forces who had reportedly delivered items such as Milan anti-tank missiles.”

– i wiele innych ciekawych informacji w tym artykule.

Obecnie armia z Kataru uczestniczy w operacji w Syrii.